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I hold space for people to break generational curses, heal, overcome and show UP fully in life, love and business.

I specialize in working with 1st gen, creative, heart-centered, high-achieving folks. You see, we all learn and operate differently and being an entrepreneur myself, it's so easy to become stuck in your own head and isolated quite frankly. In school we were taught to help. We were not trained on how to make money or to understand the ins and outs of a business. After learning things the hard way, becoming a mad scientist researcher, speaking to countless lawyers and accountants, I've learned some things along the way.

I firmly believe when one wins, we all win, and when one heals, your lineage heals too. My wish is for my clients to operate from a space full of love and owning their identity because it is absolutely liberating! I truly want that for you.


I believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! 

It took me nearly 17 years to realize what was really happening, the way I was living my life. It took me nearly 17 years to truly understand that being “high functioning” and over-productive was a trauma response. I believe knowledge is power, but more so that applied knowledge is power. It took me 17 years to realize I had more power and ability to live a life with emotional freedom, ease, grace and flow.

During a pivotal point in my life, I retreated to one of our ancestors’ greatest healing gifts - storytelling. I launched a blog which inspired me to speak upon issues impacting marginalized communities while re-connecting me to one of my true passions-coaching and advocacy through speaking and  consulting. Being a Therapist and a creative non-conformist POC, has  been a journey of its own. Now, I get to help others manage that funky "in between'' stage of life. Because I primarily work with persons from marginalized communities, I have a trauma-informed approach, an integrative holistic perspective and progressive approach. I believe healing comes in many forms and to be well and feel whole leads to liberation. 

I'm blessed with the opportunity to do the work I do, BUT it has not come easy. My peers and colleagues would say I give them "LIFE". I am direct yet nurturing in my style. My clients state they feel empowered and it is an honor for me to be able to hold that space for them to promote and facilitate their healing process. In other words, not just exploring the what, what, but the HOW.​​​



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